Service and Support

The CYC-I program offers four services for Primary Care Providers (PCPs). The services target children and youth, 0-21 years, with mild to moderate mental and behavioral health needs.

Services include:

  • Psychiatric Consult with a University of Iowa Child Psychiatrist to a PCP by telephone.
  • Mental and Behavioral Health Focused Training for the PCP and staff.
  • Care Coordination/ famiy support services for children and families.
  • Internet Based Resources for PCPs and the families they care for.

Psychiatric Consult

CYC-I offers consults between a University of Iowa Child Psychiatrist and a PCP. The Child Psychiatrist can provide information regarding a collaborative plan of care including information on preliminary assessment, treatment, and ongoing monitoring. Individually identifiable patient information is not discussed/provided during a psychiatric consult.

PCPs are required to answer a four question survey following each consult. The CYC-I Coordinator will send the survey to the PCP to complete and fax or email back.

Mental Health Focused Training for the PCP and staff

CYC-I offers training opportunities for participating PCPs developed and presented by University of Iowa staff including Child Psychiatrists and Psychologists. The focused trainings are designed to meet the needs of the PCP and the staff. Trainings might be delivered via several venues including phone conferencing, or internet webinar. Examples of courses taught may include common child mental health diagnosis, black box warnings and psychotropic drug use, and interactions with commonly used medications in children. Other trainings may include overviews of specific treatment interventions or services.

Internet Resources

CYC-I offers internet-based resources for Primary Care Providers including research articles, practice parameters, screening tools for early identification and other resource useful for PCPs.

Care Coordination Services for Families

Care Coordination services can be requested by a PCP along with, or independent of a Psychiatric Consultation. Care Coordination will be directed by local CHSC Staff Nurse and may be implemented by a CHSC Nurse, Family Navigator, or Social Worker. The CYC-I Program Coordinator will connect the PCP with the local CHSC Staff member who can begin the Care Coordination process. Consent to Obtain and Consent to Release Information Forms signed by the legal guardian are required and must be faxed or sent to the local CHSC staff when Care Coordination services are delivered.

Examples of Care Coordination activities the local CHSC staff can provide include:

  • Finding, coordinating and promoting effective and efficient use of resources.
  • Assisting families in accessing therapy or counseling services.
  • Assisting families in navigating insurance, Medicaid or other financial assistance for health care.
  • Providing information and support to access local treatment interventions such as behavioral health intervention services and other in home and waiver services.
  • Providing educational information for the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and or 504 plan.
  • Advocating with families as they work with their school, daycare, or health care provider.
  • Providing information and support regarding transition issues.
  • Assisting families in accessing camp information.
  • Linking families with other families for support.
  • Providing educational information and resources to the family on diagnosis, medications, school topics including IEPs, 504 plans, educational rights of the child, etc.

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