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CYC-I is excited about the following upcoming events. If you are interested in participating in an event or would like more information, please contact us online.
December 9, 2015: Susan Pike, MD
Bipolar Disorder vs DMDD vs Borderline Personality Disorder vs Just a Teen: How to Make the Diagnosis
Short review of new DSM-5 diagnosis of Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD), why DMDD was categorized with Mood Disorders when the most prominent symptom is acting-out behaviors, and how to distinguish it from bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder or normal development ranges.
January 13, 2016: James Bodnia, DO
Medications for Treating ADHD
Summary of first-line treatment for ADHD, including the increasing variety of formulations, and discussion about how and when to employ second-line treatment options.
February 10, 2016: Susan Pike, MD
Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents
Review of screening information, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations for children and adolescents with eating disorders, including increasing information about pre-teens and males with eating disorders.
March 9, 2016: James Bodnia, DO
Treatments for Depression/Anxiety
Review of treatment options for depression and anxiety in children and adolescents, including research behind the choice of medication and/or therapy, FDA-approved medications, approach to use when first choice of treatment does not appear to be successful, and augmentation strategies that can be used.
April 13, 2016: Susan Pike, MD
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Epidemiology and Diagnosis
Review of current epidemiological data, DSM-5 changes in diagnostic criteria, screening tools, and gold-standard diagnostic tools.
May 11, 2016: Susan Pike, MD
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Treatment Options
Discussion of recommended treatment options based on age of diagnosis, symptomatology, availability of resources, and most recent insurance coverage information.
June 8, 2016: James Bodnia, DO
Evidence-Based Recommendations for Psychotherapy in Children and Adolescents
Review of current types of therapy that are considered evidence-based medicine in the treatment of psychiatric diagnoses in children and adolescents.

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